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Welcome to the used listing section of Swiss Vans. We generally carry about a dozen very high specified used vans at Swiss not all of which are listed or up for sale since our prime focus is selling new vans. Normally we sell these vans off after six months after we have finished with them.

Pre Order These Used Vans - Demo Models
As a new demonstration van arrives which is used by a staff member we will list it here with a date for when it can be available for sale. We change our vans at 6 months and 12 months precisely
For example place a deposit on a van as it arrives and we will continue to use it and show to customers up until a pre agree date and mileage. This will give us time to customise the van for you too if thats what you want and if it suits your budget.

Pre Registered Vans
Some of the vans here are pre registered delivery mileage vans. Thus if you spot one you like it means we wont have one but more like 51 in stock!
So choose your model, come and see one if you want and we will supply another identical vehicle
is most cases. pre registration just means that we can buy and sell the van cheaper to you.
It will have an extra owner on paper but no one cares three years down the line, and you will have saved thousands. If you you don't want pre registered ring us up and ask for our second best deal which has never happened. Of course everyone wants the best deal.

Ex Lease Vans & PX Vehicles
We trade off most of our used stock but occasionally will retail a nice used van when it comes in just as its hard parting with some of these vans as they are so nice.

Our Approach
We stock most popular models and configurations of vans in bulk, we are able to provide unrivalled delivery times and pricing compared to regular local van dealers.

We are passionate about vans! - and know each van model we sell inside and out, we know how to get the best out of each vehicle and how advise businesses seeking van finance on how to benefit from corporation tax arrangements as apposed to buying with cash.

Reputation & Reviews

We have some outstanding reviews on Trustpilot.

Van Stock
£36,495 +VAT
£33,995 +VAT
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